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Please read and follow the rules before posting an ad. Failure to comply will result in deleted ads.

1.) Please title your ad correctly and accurately. Include the type of ad in the beginning of the title, see below:
"FS" - for sale
"WTT" - want to trade
"WTB" - want to buy

Also include what region or state the sale is in. For instance, if you are selling a shift knob post a title like this: "FS - NJ - Chrome MOMO Shift Knob", or you want to buy one: "WTB - NJ - Chrome or silver Shift Knob"

2.) Do NOT ruin another person's sale by making bad remarks about their product or remarking that their sales price is too high. If they are a bad/phony seller, please notify an admin or mod. We will decide how to handle the situation. Also, there is a trader ratings system in place, please use it for each sale.

3.) Although it is not required, we ask that you use the Trader Ratings system to let other users know how your transaction went. This can help users trust another user a bit more before making a purchase or even avoiding the purchase because of past poor transactions.

4.) Do NOT bump up your post excessively. 1 bump per day is enough.

1.) Include a picture; a picture is worth a 1000 words, right?
2.) Be as descriptive as possible about the item you are selling or looking for.
3.) Do NOT lie about the product. If it has a scratch, that's fine, but let the user know before they make the purchase.
4.) If you are unsure of what you should be asking for a selling price, search other ads, or check other sources. If no one replies to your ad, most likely your price is too high, not descriptive enough, suspicious, or less-likely; no one is interested.
5.) Bump up your post every so often to let others know it's still for sale; maybe they missed your post the first time.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments, suggestions please notify an admin or mod. We'll be more than happy to help you.

Have fun and remember: Buyer Beware! is not responsible for the products, sellers, buyers, etc. posted and/or transacted through this section.
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Not open for further replies.