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T/S/D night rally Sat 9/24 starting in Mount Kisco NY

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Westchester Sports Car Club is have a Time/Speed/Distance night rally on Sat 9/24. Starts at the Applebee's in Mount Kisco NY (thats 15 min north of the NYC/Yonkers border right off the Saw Mill River Pkwy). They're typically 2 to 4 hours long and about 75 to 100 miles. They all on registered streets so any legal street car is fine, as long as you dont have lighting higher than your headlights (per NYS law).

You need two people per car (driver and navigator) and CAN have more than two but there are serious points penaltys for extra people. You will need something to write on on a lap (like a clipboard), pen(s), and a FULL tank of gas before the rally starts (looking for a gas station when you have no idea where you are and are given points for every second late SUCKS). Also recommened are full stomachs and empty bladders, some kind of night lighting for the navigator's lap that wont shine in the windows and blind the driver (you will be on pitch black backroads), and a calculator if you're serious about coming in on time and going for a trophy. Trophys to top 10% of scorers as well as Ladies and Husband/Wife classes.

$20 per car. Registration opens at 5pm and car numbers are given out in registration order (first come first served with low car numbers). Cars start leaving in 1 minute intervals by car number at 7pm.

Flier for event:

Here is a good description of what exactly a WSCC typical T/S/D rally is:
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Sounds like a mini Cannonball Run. Also sounds like alot of fun but all you need is for a bunch of cars speeding around and John T Law will be licking his chops.
I've been doing them for 4 years, figure 10 to 12 rallys and nobody has been pulled over. If you think its a Cannonball, you dont know what it is. Cars go out in 1 minute intervals and within a few miles they all get scattered out. So its never packs of cars. Also its all on backroads and sidestreets that usually dont have thru traffic, so theres never a radar trap. And half the time you're looking for the next clue and you're not even speeding. In fact, if you dont screw up you'd be doing less than the speed limit the whole time. Its only after missing a turn you have to speed up to catch up to where you're supposed to be, and how much you speed up is up to you. Its designed so that you shouldnt have to speed. Its more about following the instructions to the letter and thinking about each turn and not missing the hidden signs on the side of the road.
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Well then it sounds like normal driving and doesn't really sound like too much fun:( . Actually it sounds like when I drove to South Carolina in my Murano and waited for the navigation to tell me which way to turn :D

Thanks for the info
it's like bracket racing...on public roads. :D the "dial in" time has been pre-determined by the rally master and the team that finishes the rally the closest to the "dial in" time wins, it's not who's the fastest who can get to the finish line first. that's what a time/speed/distance rally is. it's actually a fun race, where you don't need a 500hp monster to win it, just quick thinking and a sharp pair of eyes.
"sounds like" "sounds like" "sounds like"

Sounds like you're judging something thats a lot of fun based off of reading about it on a forum and making your own assumptions. If anyone else would like to do it and then let Bungles know if it sucks like it "sounds like" or if its a blast driving at night down twisty curvey backroads crisscrossing with other ralliests trying to figure out the right way to go then having to backtrack the last few miles as fast as you can to catch up, let me know and I'll see you there. Maybe Bungles can catch up on the Thanksgiving rally in November.

Its not just a driving event with tons of hard driving on amazing backroads that you've never been on, but its fun for the navigator as well. Its also a great way to get a kid/nephew or spouse/girlfriend into auto related fun, as a navigator.
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Mrs. Bungles OWNS navigation :)
Rally driving - a new found interest!

I've already planted Nov 19th on my calendar for the next one!!!

I'm seeking hercfe as a navigator because of his FE experience & set of eyes and I wouldn't mind being the wheel man since I've delivered a lot of Westchester and Putnam when I used to drive for UPS. (Not to mention I live in Bedford Hills, and grew up in Mt. Kisco.) Sounds like it's time to break out the laminated Rand McNally map of Westchester!

Jeff it's like bracket racing to the next checkpoint-not unlike pulling a UPS load with 115 stops in the truck: where the next package address tells you where to go.

Also I will need to find adequate lighting for NOV since the sun will go down earlier: both in the cabin and for the road!!!
just got back from yuma, and i'm down for Nov 19! howard, did you go on the 24th? if so how was it? i've got some goodies in my flight bag that should make navigation a little easier!
Hey Matt - welcome back. I did not go on the 24th. I was away for the weekend in PA. Mark the next one down on your sounds fun.
heck yeah it does.
*Bump for this event on NOV 19th*

Matt are you ready? The SHO is ready to I got to go find my maps.
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