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Texas > Cali

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Yea, thats right, Texas owns you.
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I would have the north in this too, but theyre more worthless than anything.
You guys get to shoot people after dark.But you do have Cindy Sheehan so it kinda cancels out. Plus we got hot chics on E.

So Cali>Texas
i like cowboy hats...when they are waist high rocking back & forth...
Also Texas=New New Orleans

way to not make a point everyone

Texas still > cali
Only steers and queers from Texas.

GotWhat? said:
Also Texas=New New Orleans

Ya gotta admit, any Cali Stadium > The Astrodome right about now
good thing we dont use the astrodome for anything for a while anyways
debbie does dallas was nice
texas has more land touching mexico

cali > texas
We have more Exotic Cars than you, More Exotic Woman, Mexicans that do work, and we have Canyon roads.


Also we keep all our gay people in certain sections, you let them roam free in texas.
Also we have the 4th largest economy
i do beleive that is some first class ownage.
We just got that much sexier.
myfault said:
and in the end...

texas still > cali

Bah you guys couldnt even beat mexico by yourself, it took the US help. Mexico let us go cuz our pimp hand was strong.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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