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LittleMT said:
I also have Weisco Pistons..
Eagle Rods...
Darrel Cox headstuds/gaskets
Full race big valve head
1000cc injectors..

I won't do cams till I go with a stand alone...
Damn, I guess I take back the BOOM comment :mad:

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hozay09 said:
why wiseco pistons? Frank from Xtreme boost warned me about the higher compression and recommends his custom forged pistons w/ the stock 8.0:1 compression

I disagree with him... atleast somewhat..

the Weisco are a bigger bore and compression will be higher, this is key to making big power with less boost...

making the tune very critical....

also, I want this engine to make more power off of boost as well...

the engine is still being built...
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