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THE Brooklyn MEET this Sat.

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NYC Meet at Flushing

Date: October 1, 2005
Day: Saturday
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Meet at college point theather parking lot facing the highway not the back lot

for map quest type in this address:

ill get this asap
(metsft u knoe it??)

List Of Attendance for Sat Oct 1st
1) DaRkILLa
2) Cokey
3) MetsSFTF
4) rocketman
5) ^^Friend
6) ^^Anoda friend
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what should be here since it's a NY meet.

Darkilla, you shouldn't split the threads... it may confuse people...

If need be, please refer to the "JUST A SUGGESTION" thread...
well ya are meeting sat arnt u and since we live in NY and its a NY meet than it should be in the NY forum so that the people from NY can view the NY meet but anyways and the thing that should be here is the sat 1030 blah blah so on. and if ya dont like it ya can delete it i really dont care just trying to make it a bit easier since normally i look into the NY forum for the normal meet times and places

but i aint going cause im doing a bike tour in jersey for the MS society this saturday and sunday. so if the NY bk meet goes well in NY than ima go the following week if ya do it again
Technically, it is a NY meet, but the offical NY meet is at DPA and we aren't drawing attention from that, that's the difference. This is a local meet.

I understand you wanted to put it in the NY section, and thats fine... There's no need to delete anything... Just letting you know. So be easy.

Since you can't come out on Sat... when we get everything squared away, we will let you know what the official decisions have been made...
WHY don't you guys just call it a NYC meet that's what it really is for most of the Boro's to meet up and chill . I know DPA is far for some of you guys .So this is getting set up for you guys. So enjoy it, If you guys can make it to DPA do so if not now you have a place that is closer for you guys to meet.

Thank you
relax people .... local meet or not. This section is the proper place for this thread.
Hope you guys have a good turnout. I'll try to make an appearance, but I'm not 100% sure.
sounds like a good idea

prchula that sounds like i good idea count me in i will be there to meet and greet. i know that some maximas meet there too. anyway DPA is far i went out there last weekend and it is to far. aight then it is said i will see u there.
it is really close to me now just a few minutes.
peace ;)
tyf was there but nobody else showed up (til 11:30 when tyf left already). :thumbsdow

we'll do this again some other time.
next sat i will be able to go everyone who wants to go try to be there by 10 30 ..11 pm the latest.

dont knoe how to get there, theres directions on top of this thread for map quest, just ype in that address and it will give u directions.

Come on people try to come ima be there for sure
next saturday it is..
List Of Attendance for Sat Oct 1st
1) DaRkILLa
2) Cokey

Sorry for the no show on saturday, really long day and completely forgot about the meet
Are any NJ crew going to this or is this strictly NY???
Co Pilot said:
Are any NJ crew going to this or is this strictly NY???
All are welcome
some ppl are going to etown this saturday though.....i think ??
i cant make it this weekend. going to e-town early sunday morning for the fall nationals. :D
YO killa since some people are going to E-town on sartuday lets try to make a trip to the city,i got 2 srt that are down to go to the city sartuday+me that's 3 cars already. TRy to get a cool place where we can chill but lets try to have it a lit bit early because 10:30 is kinda late because by the time every one gets there it will be like 11:30. hit me back wit a reply
What would be a good time for u guys?
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