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The Day The Neon Died..

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Introduced to the world with a friendly "Hi" in its 1994 advertising campaign, production of the Dodge Neon ended Thursday at the Belvidere (Ill.) Assembly Plant. The car has enjoyed a celebrated life, including being named Car of the Year by Automobile magazine and the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, among other awards. And the Neon is still going strong. Albert Matras works at the Warren (Mich.) Stamping Plant and is the original owner of a 1998 Dodge Neon with 258,000 miles on its odometer. Matras drives the car 120 miles round trip to work each day and says the only major work that has been done on the vehicle was a replaced timing belt, and a head needed to be refurbished at 120,000 miles. "The broken belt was my lack of maintenance," Matras admitted. The transmission has had normal maintenance and is still original. "I hope to get 300,000 miles on this car, or maybe more," Matras said with a smile. The Belvidere plant will now go into a changeover period before launching the all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber.
:( I'm depressed now..
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dag yo. it wouldnt be so bad if the neon were actually being replaced with some nice
whats up with the caliber,i heard mitsu was making a caliber too
gspeedaddict said:
whats up with the caliber,i heard mitsu was making a caliber too
No idea but its uber gay.

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Isn't the Rebel the replacement for the neon? The Caliber is a Ford Escape competitor from the way I see it
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