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where 2 dyno?!?!

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hey i live in CNY for the next two weeks and wanna get my car dynoed before i leave. Wheres a place not too far from the syracuse area that has a dyno? Thanks!
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Talk to him, I don't know if this is close to you, but 75 bucks for 3 runs isn't that bad.
no, he's not close....but that would be a nice meet though ... :bigthumb:
Anywhere else?
i don't really think anyone on here is that far north. you honestly might be better off asking on srtforums, those up state folks stayed over there.....
Those losers
well there is a dyno API still dynos alittle they have a dyno pack and there is a dyno in mamaroneck at Automasters of westchesters which has a Dyno Dynamics dyno.
he's in syracuse, i don't think he wants to drive 6 hours for a dyno.
i just wana dyno :( Ill drive like up to an hour! Anyone? Maybe Rochester area?
FOUND ONE. Ill post the website for future reference, just in case anyone in the future needs to know. Hopefully i'll be getting it done this week so ill post results! Hopefully theyll be good! I'm testin for leaks tomorrow.
oops. here is it :

For CNY area
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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