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Wins and losses.

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I know war stories is more about bickering, gay jokes, an insults, but here are some actual war stories.

I'm an 04 with stg 1, borla, typhoon, and upper MM (plus other stuff that doesn't do much for drag racing)

A hideous lime-green mitsu eclipse turbo with a massive wing and ugly graphics - My first run of the day and I get left at the line. Hold the same distance throughout the race, which was about 2 cars. Kid was so full of shit, tells me what I need to do to make my car faster, which was all wrong. Claims his car has 400 hp, yet is unable to pull away from me. Had a big front mount and a 16g turbo that he said was "stage 4", whatever that means. But, through all the bullshit, I still lost.

New Chevy SS truck - I win, easily.

99-04 auto stang GT with all the bolt on's - I lauch nice and ever-so-slightly pull on him. Very fast car, faster than I expected.

Another 04 silver SRT-4 - Pull 2 cars on the launch and continue to pull. Easy kill.

EVO VII @ 20 psi - I lauch at 4k and proceed to smoke tire while his AWD hooks up and rockets him. I'm 3 cars down and gain 1 in the 1/8. Ran him again and got him on the launch, which makes for an easy win. Nice kid, even though he's 17 and his parents bought him a 32K race car.
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:bs: None of the cars were racing
Nice runs.

:rofl: @ 32k 'race car'
you lost to a eclipse.... bwuahaaahaaaa!
And a damned ricey one at that. Lime green with blue vinyl and a ton of manufacturer stickers. And a nitrous bottle that wasn't hooked up...

But his car did break on the run and he was done for the day. So techinally, that would be a kill right? ;)
and BS on the Silver SRT, he wasn't racing!
Insedanity said:
:bs: None of the cars were racing

LittleMT said:
and BS on the Silver SRT, he wasn't racing!
:repost: sucka
Insedanity said:

Here is my son running a quick 13.75 in da Silver SRT:

Whoops, my, it looks like the hood is open:

Good catch!

Nice quick run..

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Slicks for the win, nice. I need a pair, badly.
Insedanity said:
Slicks for the win, nice. I need a pair, badly.

with street tires he went [email protected], with the slicks he ran the [email protected], slicks cost the car 4mph, it should have et'd quicker but he didn't get a great burnout, the slicks were still alittle wet on that run..
an ss silverado woulda taken you with an equal driver
00blackss said:
an ss silverado woulda taken you with an equal driver
Agreed, I seen some of those pull mid to high 14's, dont know if they had a couple bolt on's or if they were stock but didnt look anything major.
Won to
- golf gti
- accord

lost to
- evo VIII

dont knoe if I beat a
-crx cause we were right next to each other and i diidnt knoe where the finish line was so i let go of the gas when he let go of the gas
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