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Hi All,

I would like to make the best use of CarPlay without having to always wire connect the iPhone, especially on short distances but unfortunately, CarPlay in the Dodge requires a wired connection

I will always use a USB connection for the long drive with navigation to save the iPhone battery, but for short distances, it would "cut the cord" if I can use CarPlay and keep the phone on me

Is there anyone here with Apple CarPlay using the device from Carlinkit in the link below to add wireless CarPlay in their Dodge or any other car with OEM CarPlay functionalities?

Reading the reviews and comments, satisfaction rates are as high as it could be and they seem to be very successful in adding this solution in almost any car with embedded CarPlay technology and a few aftermarket radios such as Pioneer or Alpine.

I have ordered one and will keep you posted... If anyone has one, I'll appreciate your input.


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