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Zoom Zoom?

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Anyone going to the Mazda Zoom Zoom event at Englishtown?

I'm going on Nov 5th, 12:30

I went to the Chrysler one 2 years ago, they're pretty fun, you just get to test drive the cars.
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Is it similar to the Mazda Rev It Up events they had a few years ago?
It probably is....I did it twice when the 3 and then when the 6 came out. It good for fun & laughs as a group event. I recommend.

*I thought it was cancelled since it was a huge financial undertaking by Mazda?
I'll be there.... I went to the last 2 years of Mazda RevItUp in Philly and Shea Stadium... Nothing compares to violating a car that doesn't really matter if it gets messed up...
I'll be there too, def looking forward to tossing those cars around.
I never even heard of this event, how much does it cost? And what exactly do u do?
thanks, registering now
why do u have to be 18 when u get your license when your 17? And i dont see New Jersey in the event list
nvm its in NY, it says Englishtown, Nov 5th-6th

Think you know how to slow your car down?
Think you know how to conduct lane changes?
Think you can out drive other participants in an autox?
Want to see/try/feel a variety of Mazda vehicles?

This is like a lot of fun and I've done it twice before-we can all compare notes at AP. I'm going to register now. I'd prefer a slot on Saturday if possible.
Damn I forgot about this, thanks for bumping this post. ;)

What time are you going? Nelson and I could meet you there.

What exactly will they have for people to do? I went to Chrysler's event before, we only got to drive the cars on a very very slow and small track. Like 20mph tops, they wouldn't let you go above, nor did you have the room too.
Well I pre-registered and the only slots open were on Sunday. Mine is for 09:15 on Sunday. It however does not mean I can show up on SAT and do the same thing-then goto AP. I would like to go on SAT since I'd rather stay home on Sunday-I don't want to make two trips into NJ.

As for previous events-I went to the Mazda Rev It Up were there was a lane change, braking, mini autox, followed by a medium autox-for points. Also in another area were various lines to drive Mazda products. RX8, 6, 3, Miata, MPV. The line was the shortest, almost non existent for the MPV mini van so I got to beat the living crap out of the mini van.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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